“I have gotten compliments on my skin since I started using the LIV-skin products. My skin looks its best now!”*

by Dr. Luis A. Viñas


“I love these products.   They give great moisture without a heavy, greasy feeling, which is super important to me in the heat and humidity in South Florida.  They have given me incredible results in skin rejuvenation.  I see a significant difference in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles and I also see improvement in the evenness of my skin tone.  These products are amazing!!!”*

  by Nicki R.


“I like the way the products feel. My skin feels soft and hydrated, not dry and tight, as it was before I started using the products.”*

by  Candi C.


“My experience in the beauty industry spans decades.  I have tried everything from the very high end to the drug store brands.  I am blessed to have the type of skin that many envy.  However, the neck is a dead give away.  I tried the neck creme on both the neck and chest and was amazed at the results.  Immediately I saw a difference and continued to see the change even after I had showered.  The results are cumulative with just a couple of days of use.  Botox, Restylane, etc can enhance the face but the neck is very difficult to hide.  I have never had anything give me instant gratification like this product until now.”*

by Carmen Janet S.


“I’m really enjoying them so far. My face feels smooth, and my pores feel smaller.  I like the neck cream as it feels like it is tightening my skin.  The products smell great, too.   The eye cream feels like it is tightening my eyes.  The face cream feels tingly and rejuvenating.  My good friend, who I see on a regular basis, told me today that my skin looked great and I had no pores in a picture I took with her today.”*

by Melissa S.


“My skin seems much more hydrated and even skin tone. Noticed less wrinkles and age spots.”*

by Sandra A.


“Because I have sensitive skin, I am very cautions on products I use, especially when it comes to my face. Knowing that LIV-skin uses natural ingredients, that was a big bonus. After using it for over a month now, I especially love the AM/PM cream product because it leaves my skin silky smooth, which makes makeup application a lot more easier to manage. It kind of acts like a primer! Overall, my experience has been very positive thus far.”*

By Theresa N.


“I love my LIV-skin products! I have been using the intense hydrate am/pm cream, neck cream and eye gel for the past four weeks and my skin says thank you…I am turning 60 this year, and since using these products I have received numerous compliments about how beautiful my skin looks. One of my colleagues had to apologize for telling me she couldn’t believe I was that old, I must have found the secret for the Fountain of Youth. I told her my secret was LIV-skin products. My favorite is the eye gel…prior to using it I had developed bags under my eyes, and they are now gone. Thank you for designing such a wonderful skin care line. By the way, I appreciate the natural ingredients that you use…I wouldn’t think of putting chemicals on my face.”*